Full weeks or long weekends (from Thursday to Sunday) of hiking, cycling or a combination of the two.

Between 15 October and 31 March, we run enticing programmes that combine rest and relaxation with outdoor activities, suitable for any age and level of fitness.

We’ll cross stunning natural landscapes, have lunch in the countryside or at rural restaurants, explore pocked-sized villages oozing with charm and even take dips in the sea.

The week-long programmes also include a visit to a seventeenth-century ibicenco house and workshops run by local artisans, well off the tourist trail.

We’ll round off the day listening to music by the fireplace, having a drink or playing pool or darts.


Between the months of October and April, we run week-long meditation, yoga and pilates retreats (or long weekends from Thursday to Sunday), where guests can choose between one, two or all three of the activities. These are tailor-made retreats with entirely vegan or vegetarian menus.

  • Sunrise yoga and meditation by the sea
  • Yoga classes
  • Pilates floor classes
  • Pool stretching classes
  • Hiking and active meditation
  • Vegan and vegetarian cooking classes (theoretical) and healthy food awareness
  • Pre-sleep relaxation
  • Mindfulness classes


Treat yourself to a week all about you. Take a break from your daily routine and luxuriate in an unbeatable setting to recoup that balance and wellness you need. Sleeping well, eating properly, taking long walks by the sea or having time to think are often the best recipe for retrieving your joie de vivre or peace of mind.

We run a one-week programme, with organic and natural meals included. Long nights of good sleep; sun-blessed mornings with walks, exercises and dips in the sea; and laid-back afternoons with yoga, bike rides, awe-inspiring sunsets and mindfulness classes. Or nothing at all! 

You choose what and when, and whether you’d like a vegetarian and detox diet or not. If you want to do some exercise or simply bask in the sun, the important thing is that you listen to what your body and mind are asking from you at every moment. You’ll find that thinking solely about yourself is a unique and truly rewarding experience.